A Beautiful Person

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.
— unknown

I wasn’t sure if this would come out creepy or natural but in my heart I chose natural.  The transition from entertainment, healthcare, and higher education places me in a revolving door with tasks and duties impossible to slow down.  I found yoga to be a new place that helped me to manifest rest, love, and peace within myself.  I asked a close friend of mine named Jamie Mok if I could interview her as I saw a part of me resonate in her natural beauty, actions, life, and yoga practice.  Here it goes…

CTH: Why do you like teaching yoga?

JM: I found a new happiness and the ability to work through challenges.  I was personally inspired; my spirits lifted, and had many moments of enlightenment through all my teachers.


CTH: I always had a fear I could not do yoga because I am not flexible and couldn’t keep my mind still, how do you feel about that?

JM: People have this perception you need certain qualities, but the beauty is there is no particular skill, there is no pressure to start it.  Try it with an open mind and do not expect anything out of it.  Just take it for what it is.


CTH: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

JM: I drink a tall glass of water because as we are sleeping our body gives off heat, so we wake up on the dehydrated side. This is actually something I learned through yoga teacher training and it makes so much sense.  But coffee helps me start my day too (big smile)


CTH: Do you feel like you face challenges daily?

JM: Of course, but how you perceive them and how you react is a choice.  People are rude to you at work, you can take it personal or choose not to react and let it pass. Sometimes it’s easy to do, but this is life and we are all only human.  It’s a learned skill, the mind is super powerful!! If you live from reactions then you face challenges. It is an act of work to stay calm and manage stress.  Since I started practicing yoga I’ve built that emotional awareness and want to have the skills to cope with any kind of misfortune.


CTH: Would you recommend yoga to everyone?

JM: Yes, yoga is meditation, breathing and all things intertwined.  An 88 year old can practice it lightly; it is a practice of a lifetime.

I read in a book that inspired me stating-

“There is no destination to get to in your practice, it is a journey because there is no end point… you have your lifetime to continue to evolve.”


CTH: I’ve noticed an increased flux of yoga images, clothing, comments, and such on social media and even retail stores.  Why do you think yoga is so popular suddenly?

JM: People get interested in getting fit, but when you get the full experience and really know what it means to stay intact with your breath and learn stillness in silence… I think that is what keeps people in practice.  Also, it is a low impact on your body and there is a lot of emphasis to be mindful.


CTH: How do you feel about people being judgmental in general or towards the practice of yoga?

JM: They could be passing judgment on something that is not related to me.  I can’t pass judgment if I don’t know.  You choose whom you surround yourself with.  I steer away because it makes me feel uncomfortable.


CTH: Do you think yoga has helped you with your relationships?

JM: Yes, my patients and my coworkers… because the philosophy is “you and I are here together, we are all on this world together” when you have that mindfulness, act of compassion is contagious, over and over again people notice it and start to reciprocate.


CTH: I have watched you successfully sustain such valuable friendships since childhood, how do you think you make that possible?

JM: Keep your friends and family close.  Do not take them for granted.  I think it is how you prioritize and it is not easy but what’s easy is all the stuff that comes out of it.  When you are down and out or when you’re not looking they have your back.  You need to foster relationships.  My efforts towards my friendships are from my appreciation for people.  People color my life.

photography by   Sergio Lopez

photography by Sergio Lopez