The decision to thank someone or a group of people today almost feels like the pressure of selecting those you want to be your official bridesmaids for your upcoming wedding.  A cluster of questions and self evaluating images run across my mind as I over analyze in consideration of who should be mentioned or selected etc etc.  


Who do you thank? 

"will the person I thank care or even see it?" 

"will people be offended if I forgot or did not mention their name" 

"am I ungrateful because I did not specify what you have done for me?" 

I decided to mention a few individuals not because they are more important, talented, or even present in my life today. It was just a simple gesture that came natural to me. In the same way, the bridesmaids I ask to stand beside me will happen with no guilt in my mind. 

Gratitude is powerful and mindful. I practice it in silence when I think of each individual I cross paths with and learn so much from every special day.  If I have not told you face to face, by text, email, meditation, or in my mind... today I'd like to thank you for influencing my life.