Assertive In Pink

Summer 2015 ended and my obsession with vintage bathing suits keeps me feeling refreshed in this 100 degrees California weather.  I absolutely love the idea of unloading color, creativity, and versatility in my life!


My "I aspire to be so-called balanced and organized" personality forces me to purchase the matching top and bottom swimsuits.  But in REALITY… they almost never end up being paired together. 

Life, success, and personal experiences for me can be described in one word- ”UNPLANNED."  This collection of photos shot by the eccentric and fun loving photographer Melissa Kyle was a sweaty impromptu that we TOGETHER decided was a fabulous creative outlet for both of us.  I'm loving the assertive unplanned joys of life and today I'm wishing you the same in all your sweet endeavors. 

“Be daring, different, impractical, and assert your imaginative vision against an ordinary world with creatures unlike you!” - #DOCCTH