hi, i'm Dr. Christine Thuy Huong!


I believe that mindfulness is the key to success, love is the source of longevity, and creativity is wealth. 

I am a Vietnamese Pop Singer turned Doctor of Nursing Practice and the creator of B.A.M.F. - a Women’s Wellness platform aimed to eradicate every form of lifestyle that does not enhance the beauty, authenticity, self-made, and fierce power of a true women. The story of each rising women is multidimensionally giving to this universe.   

Everything I express and create gives you real life tools to advocate for your well-being mind, body, and soul. 

I spend my days unconditionally loving and supporting my family and friends, hanging out with my favorite pup Chibi, saving lives in the Emergency Department, leading and educating as a professor to the next generation of nurses, innovating ways to empower women, and creating mind body positive content for you on my blog and speaking at events.   

I am here to advocate for your health and align you with your passion in order to live a life on your own terms.