Mindful With Me


_ Personal coaching

Would you like to bring presence and abundant purpose into your life while learning how to remove limiting beliefs?

Do you find yourself leaving opportunities wasted and change to be an impossible transition?

I feel you, because I have been there infinite times in my life. I am here now to help ambitious men and women strengthen their vision by advocating for a mindful health experience through creativity, and self-love that has silently been anticipating to explode from within you.

I will show you how to self-assess, create, plan, and sustain momentum that promises to keep your integrity and propel you out of a “playing small mentation” so that you will never have to rethink your dream life ever again.

If you are ready to direct focus on what is tangible and shine in the limelight doing what you really want in life…



Every human, household, business, and corporate level of leadership and life roots from a story of passion and love. I host meaningful events to build a community with meaningful participation in areas of mindfulness, health, happiness, love, and innovation. I believe in sharing stories and that giving is a universal language. I am in favor of community, attention and integration of your powerful ideals.

Success is not true success without the sense of fulfillment and the willingness to rotate leadership. If you want to join me in giving every perspective a full voice…


_ i speak

My purpose is to advocate for your happiness and health through acts of mindfulness, determination, and confidence that will create space for your wildest dreams to expand and your greatest potential to be amplified.

We give life to the words we speak of ourselves.

With a compelling story of how I transitioned from Pop to Doc, my speaking events, podcast interviews, and professional panel presentations inspire and connect with the audience on the value of leadership, actions, adversity, and a non-fluff dedication to self love.