Open Hearted

“But I don’t want to pick between a soccer ball or football or run a mile around this sandy football track,” thought 6-year-old baby Vu.  Somehow, my dad managed to push my brother and I to be physically active once a week given these options.  The best part was having my older brother by my side to sweat with me.  I could probably attribute my interest in fitness and health now to being raised by 7 uncles, i.e. Uncle Steve who took me to the basketball courts to watch him play every weekend, then my Uncle Chris who got me my first gym membership at 24-hour fitness.  My brother paved the way as a freshman in high school forcing me to go to summer volleyball camp branding me as “little VU” who had to sing the El Modena Alma Mater all alone acapella in practice just to start for the JV team. 

Fast forward to present day, all the stars aligned and this curious Gemini dipping her toes in numerous activities from playing golf with only 8 or 9-iron blades, random kickball league, working out with a personal trainer (Bueno), turbo kickboxing class at 24-hour fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Cardio Barre in LA, Pilates in the Canyon, hiking by the beach, and/or Yaz spin-yoga classes to name a few.  I have probably utilized Groupon a couple times too many based on girlfriend referrals to try all different avenues of fitness classes and gym memberships.  

Now… what are my thoughts on this?  I think the mere interest in physical activity is such a valuable consideration to fuel your mind and body with good health and energy. I am also an avid facilitator of exploring things that are beyond your comfort zone.  How do you expect to grow if you do not take the chance to try something new for yourself, am I right?

Recently, I have grown to love and enjoy taking various yoga classes at my local Tustin Corepower studio and train at the American Gym with boxing trainer Andre Huseman.  How I do it is that I set a commitment to myself to take a number of yoga classes each week and to meet with Andre maybe once if not twice a week and really push myself to be stronger and stronger.

It is extremely hard not to think of how you are perceived by other people.  But once you have learned to respect and love your mind and body wholeheartedly, those perceptions will lose meaning.  Someone’s opinion of you will change every second, every minute of every day.  The most important opinion is how YOU feel and see yourself every morning when YOU look in the mirror and give yourself that big smile for being your BEST.  I know that I set my standards pretty high for myself, but I am still learning that love has no judgment and it feels fantastic when you generate peace within yourself. 

The universe around you feels that energy, and it is a blank canvas for you to be free and exert good vibes to everyone you touch.  For all those people who like to ask me why my veins are popping out of my hands and my forehead… I really have no secret to this.  I work very very hard and I love it!  Maybe some of it is genetics, alternatively I stay optimistic of my intentions and I gently remind myself each day “girl, just breath you are doing the best that you can… laugh about it…one day at a time.” 

One of my favorite moments in yoga is the end of class- when I can open up my third eye chakra, my center of intuition and creativity and with a huge breath in and out I let go of fear and embrace beauty and simplicity in all aspects of my life.

Photography by   Andrew Le

Photography by Andrew Le



If I can send any message across, I would encourage you to listen to your own voice, be patient, and have trust and love for yourself beyond any physicality.  You are valuable beyond words.  Choosing health and fitness is just a way I create abundance and longevity for my life.  Now be free and create your own unique path and - of course have so so much fun doing it :)

xoxo Cth

Never touch anything with only half your heart, good things take time