Inner Beauty is the KEY to Extroardinary Health & Success

I believe when a woman can consciously embody and trust that her inner beauty exists- she will be the anchor of love and reform.  A woman who owns her inner beauty will take measures to stay physically fit, eat foods with high nutrition content, advocate for financial freedom, and build a badassery family and lifestyle carried on for generations.

 Be honest when I ask you:

 Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself I’m too fat?

Do you tell yourself “I can’t wear that, it would look terrible on me!”?

Do you follow women you aspire to look like or admire?

Do you ask yourself “what is it about me- why doesn’t he like me?”

 In the United States, 1 in every 10 women from the age of 18-44 experience depression at some point in the year (CDC, 2016).  This is so alarming to me!  Across the nation, the prevalence of depression, anxiety, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, substance abuse, heart disease, diabetes, homelessness, suicide, prostitution, and much more is preventable with specific life style changes and a little shot of courage.

 How often do you start a sentence with “I can’t…”?

 It breaks my heart every single day to hear and watch women do harm to their self-confidence, dim their power, negate their success, and dilute their beauty!  I am exploring the idea that inner beauty confidence will facilitate an extraordinary healthy and successful life for women in all stages of growth and development.

 I asked a dear friend and Entrepreneur/Advanced Boxing Trainer Andre Huseman to share a male perspective on my curiosities in the following areas based on his experience working with a high volume of female clients.

1.     What makes a woman sexy or beautiful?

2.     When working closely with so many women… what is the biggest misconception women think of their bodies or themselves?

3.     What makes a woman powerful?

 I hope you join me in this journey to explore the beauty I see in every one of you and share it with the world!