Why Saying "No" is the Healthiest Choice You can Make for Yourself.

Why is saying “No” so important?

Let’s get straight to it!

If you do not say no to certain experiences in life, the result is you will present a natural inflammatory response displayed by physical symptoms such as palpitations, nausea, headaches, diaphoresis, muscle aches, and a surge of preventable catecholamine and stress hormones.

Or, like myself your shoulders rise, you hold your breath for extended time frames, and you make odd facial expressions because you feel so overwhelmingly tense and uncomfortable.


I am happiest when

I speak honestly and express myself openly.

These are simple signs to recognize that this is not an experience that you want in your life.  This certainly is not vitality.

Try my easy 3 steps to ensure you make the healthiest choice when you learn how to say “No” and mean it!

Step 1: Acknowledge My Internal + External Manifestations

The simplest way of self-assessment is to pay attention to how you are breathing and your entire physical being.  Do you stop and contemplate pros and cons at ease or do you feel like your skin is crawling?  The moment your mind, body, and soul senses a high alert “No” the signals will present immediately.  Do not ignore these signs.  Lean into the discomfort and trust your animal instincts. 

Step 2: Be Truthful and Be Open

How do I say no you ask?  Imagine disciplining a child and/or training your pet and you encourage them to do A, B, and C, prior to receiving a reward for their efforts.  Your tone of voice I assume is authoritative and confident.  If you own the vigor to do this for another being you care about, then you should be able to care for yourself with the same tone.  Speak truthfully for yourself and express openly with the energy that will be beneficial to you and whomever it may be that is asking you for a favor, a way to lead, guide, assist, and more.  Your body deserves a rite of passage that places you in a state of bliss and peace.  (not stress, tension, and negativity)

Step 3: Move On

Do not and I repeat do not go back thinking O-M-G, “did I offend someone?” “was that hurtful?” “was I being a jerk or a diva?”  I tell you this with transparency because I am so madly guilty of this.  I have loyalty issues that somehow have coached my heart and mind to stay with one employer for years, be friends with someone for life, love harder, harder, and harder until it hurts.  I do not wish that upon you and your fabulous upcoming year.  Even worse, the internal conversation continues and I ask myself after the fact if I did the right thing.  Subsequently, I remind myself that the past is and should stay in the past. The essentials to moving forward is using imagery to flow forward and really making the commitment to do it.  It may be something as simple as going for a swim, running, feeling the crisp air hit your cheeks, sweating in a sauna, hugging a family member, doing a handstand, or curling up in bed early.

This is exactly why saying “No” is the healthiest choice you could ever make for yourself at times in life.

Not only do you build on the foundation of respect for yourself, you are doing this for the people who surround you. 

In time, you will grow a community of beautiful beings, a tribe/squad aligned with people who will only elevate and express themselves in ways of truth just like you.

Never forget to embrace your No No’s!