Fight Camp Swag

Camping, classically pictured as an overnight stay spent outdoors in beautiful nature.  

But, out of curiousity...


Is Fight Camp 

the rejuvenated trail to endurance, health, & solid mentation?

Is Fight Camp the latest rejuvenated discovery to shaping endurance, health, and mentation?

In the Hollywood Hills of LA, I had the opportunity to catch a candid chat with some cool cats from the real-life successful fight club -

Co-Founder of Fight Camp Tommy Duquette, Coastal Orange County Luxury Real Estate Broker Victor Jimenez & Master Aesthetician, WMMA Fighter, & Mother of two Camee Adams.

CTH: Does athleticism play a role in your health or a state of being healthier than most people?

Tommy: Not really, as an athlete, I also binged and got healthy to make weight.  After I made weight I would then quit.  In order to be fit, you need to build it into your lifestyle or else it will not be sustainable.”

Camee: During your sport, you may be active, but when you are not playing your sport anymore, naturally it will be harder to maintain.  Physical fitness and nutrition are significant aspects that require effort on and off sports.

CTH: Would it be possible that athleticism has nothing to do with fitness?

Tommy: You can also get out of shape because you are no longer training for something.


Camee: When you realize how good your body can feel, feed the body nutrients that also make you feel good, then working out will take your mental stimulation to a different level.

Sports helps with lots of life lessons because you learn to work hard and overcome things.

Tommy: You are not always going to win.

CTH: Does boxing help with entrepreneurship, work style and life overall?

Tommy:  Yes, the competitiveness is different.  You always want to win.  After a successful growing business, it can feel unhealthy because you always want to get to the next level. 

CTH: What is the next level? 

Tommy: The monetary value of your business, the worth of your time, and then you get there and it kind of sucks because it feels unhealthy.  But I am working on it.


CTH: How do you work on it?  You have a successful business but there is still work?

Tommy: I try my best to be present, spend time to show my appreciation.  I learned this from competing in boxing and sports.


CTH:  Hindsight is always 20/20.

Tommy: Self-improvement is continuous.  I would say compared to other people I am generally healthy, but I have a lot to work on.

CTH: Why boxing for people who have never boxed before?

Tommy: There are cognitive and physical benefits of training.  For example, Rock Steady Boxing is a style that helps Parkinson’s patients build new pathways in their brain through learning boxing combinations and building strength. 



Camee: Boxing is a sport that can help individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety by getting the brain out of a slump.  You build muscle and have cardiovascular benefits beyond physicality.


CTH:  How do you feel about women boxing?

Camee: Women should box to build confidence and step out of their comfort zone.  Many women will realize that they are stronger then they think.  It is okay to be tough and feminine.

CTH:  Are we talking this Women’s Empowerment Movement?  Can the girly girl be stronger?

Tommy & Camee : This is a sport that helps people who are uncoordinated.  There are fighters who are athletes and athletes who turn into fighters. 

CTH: Victor, why boxing?

Victor: I grew up with boxing, watching it and experienced it – you can say I have a historian sentiment towards this sport. 


CTH: Do you feel that boxing has any impact on your success?

Victor:  Boxing builds discipline, the ability to endure and not give up.  You are reminded of the struggle, especially in the ring when you are sparring.  You cannot quit.  You always have to keep your defense up.

CTH: Does this help in business and entrepreneurship?

Victor: Yes, it helps in business because you have a different energy and mindset.  When you stay active physically you build the energy to push forward in your work.

CTH: What do you think about the people who say they are too tired to work out because they’ve been at work?

Victor: That’s just an excuse.

CTH:  How do you feel about women boxing?

Victor: I like seeing women box, I just don’t want to see them break any bones.

Directors: Hey, it’s time to get back to our shoot.

I must agree with these three radical humans - boxing and sparring create a mental and physical foundation to be an impeccable fighter. 



Stamina and Success

Sharing The Top Three Elements to Shaping My Fight Camp Swag:

1.     Strength: Optimizing my mental and physical capacity is limitless and feels so damn good.

2.     Stamina: Individualized tenacity and endurance push me to stay committed.

3.     Success: I am not a quitter- especially through mental hardships and physical resistance, I will always find a way to be and do better.




Hugs to your health, happiness, & creativity.
— DocCTH